Rice Balls Or Ariyunda Recipe

Ingredients for preparing Rice Balls OR Ariyunda

  • Rice   -  1 ½ cup
  • Grated Coconut   -   1   cup
  • Jaggery : powdered   -   100 g
  • Cardamom Seeds Powder   -   1 tsp

Steps for preparing Rice Balls or Ariyunda

  1. Wash and drain the rice.
  2. Heat a wok; dry roast the rice over medium flame till crisp and golden brown.  Take care not to burn or over roast the rice. When the rice starts popping, remove from fire. Allow to cool.
  3. Meanwhile  Melt the jaggery in water and strain the impurities.
  4. Now grind the roasted rice to fine powder without any grain and transfer to a mixing bowl.
  5. Mix it with grated coconut, melted jaggery and cardamom seeds powder.
  6. Mix well and make small lemon sized balls out of the mixture. Repeat the steps with the remaining mixture.
  7. Rice Ball or Ariyunda is ready to serve. We can store them in an airtight container.
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