Rice and Coconut Halwa Recipe

Ingredients for preparing Rice and Coconut Halwa

  • Rice   –   1 cup
  • Coconut: grated  -  3 cups
  • Jaggery: melted  -  1½  cup
  • Ghee   -  2 tbsp
  • Cardamom Seeds Powder   -  1  tsp
  • Almonds: chopped  -  10  g

Steps for preparing Rice and Coconut Halwa

  1. Roast chopped almonds in 1 tabl;e spoon of ghee till golden brown, keep it aside.
  2. Soak rice in one cup of water for 2 hours.
  3. Grind the soaked rice along with grated coconut into a fine paste
  4. In a thick bottomed pan, add ground coconut- rice mixture, melted jaggery, cardamom seeds powder and ghee. Simmer and mix gently, keep stirring to make sure that no lumps are formed.
  5. Once the halwa mix become thick and supple remove from the fire and allow it to cool.
  6. Spread the coconut halwa mix on a greased plate. Garnish with chopped almonds and refrigerate it.
  7. Cut into desired shape just before serving.
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